Welcome to Flying K Thorodales

Flying K Thorodales

Family-owned and -operated

 Flying K Thorodales is a family-owned and -operated breeding farm,  located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, just minutes off  of I-81. Our breeding program was founded on the proven production of  Evermore's Hank,  a registered Scottish Clydesdale. Bred to carefully  selected Thoroughbred mares, Hank produced a 50/50 cross with the size,  strength, refinement and agility to be a performance horse. His  successor, Challenger of Pinnacle, added the distinguished bloodlines of  Maplewood Levi and the Pinnacle Clydesdales breeding program to our  herd. Thorodales® have proven themselves as jumpers, hunters, eventers  and dressage horses.

Risk-free Purchasing

 A family-operated farm provides personal contact with every horse,  every day. In practical terms, that means that we have a relationship  with every horse on the farm and want to see them placed in good  situations. Making sure that the horse and rider are a good match is the  key to good placement. For that reason, every performance horse we sell goes out on  30 day approval. Buying a horse from Flying K Thorodales allows you to  see and work with your horse in your own environment, under your own  conditions before making a final commitment. No documentation from your  vet is required, no "good reason" needed - if you are not happy with  your choice, you can return the horse to us in good condition for a full refund of your  down-payment! Period!

Buying a horse doesn't get easier than this!

  Our goal is to have every buyer satisfied with his or her purchase.  Happy, satisfied buyers provide good homes for their horses and feel  good about their dealings with us. We are happy to provide references  from our customers, many of whom tell us they have never heard of  another horse dealer who offers this kind of trial period. Contact information  for some of our customers is available upon request.   Our "Alumni Yearbook," shares photos of them with their horses.